Professional leadership coaching is one of the most powerful ways to maximise the full potential of yourself and that of your business through deepening awareness, creativity & openness to challenge

Leadership And Executive Coaching, Essex

Steam Train Leadership Coaching Ltd offer professional leadership and executive coaching to help you reach your full
potential. The company was founded by myself, Aaron Wisken in 2021. I am a passionate, experienced and qualified Executive Coach specialising in Leadership.

Over my time as a Leadership Coach, I have become renowned for my offering of high challenge coaching. For clients really wanting to be pushed outside their comfort zone and willing to have their thoughts challenged, I could well be the right coach for you. Of course every session you’ll typically be invited to share the level of support versus challenge you’re feeling up to in that moment, always with the option to re contract during the session so that the coaching is right for you.

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I offer a range of services to both clients wanting a coaching offering as well as to those who prefer learning in a group setting.

Executive Coaching
Various packages giving clients an opportunity to work on their own personal and professional goals through skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support leaders to excel long term.

Leadership Consultancy
Various packages for leaders facing  performance related challenges, people you might be finding difficult to manage or perhaps in need of a thinking partner with the offering of practical advice and guidance.

Career Coaching
A one off 90 Minute Coaching Session, most suitable for clients considering some form of change to their career and wanting to explore creatively what could be next for them and how they achieve their ambitions.

Live and Interactive Online Workshops
For clients with a curious and learning mindset who perhaps would prefer to discover new ideas and techniques in tackling day to day leadership challenges

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Here at Steam Train Leadership Coaching, we facilitate powerful, time bound and exciting group sessions targeted at driving forward leadership confidence and capability in executing positive behaviour change.

All of our group sessions typically last 60mins with evening and weekend offerings to cater for clients who work flexibly.

What My Clients Say

“Aaron is professional in his approach and has supported me with some highly challenging situations through brilliant questioning and engagement. Aaron uses a variety of coaching techniques to ensure that he is adding value to me as a senior leader. He is a true coach and mentor and has looked to ensure at all times I feel supported in my decision making process and action planning.”